Development of modular information systems, audits of IT systems and consultations.

We will create a business management system that matches your business module, which you can dynamically improve according to the development of your business

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The modular information systems (MIS) we develop are designed for individual businesses. Custom designed modules are the basis of your system. Thus, you can make full use of the functionalities in the developed system, as it is not overloaded with functions that you do not use. The system upscales easily, i.e. it is simple to integrate and develop new modules. In this way, you can have a multifunctional system where the company-wide processes are controlled centrally.


Documents Module

This module allows you to create documents using templates. You can then send, print or save them.

Monitoring Module

You can monitor the operations of remote devices. Analyse the frequency of faults and find the causes of failures

Process Management

Management of company processes. Generation of reminders and warnings.

Management of Big Data

Big data processing and systematisation. Concentrated data representation.

Reporting and analytics

The Reporting Module provides you with the ability to analyse data and the speed of processes within the system. Generate reports.

Task Management

The Task Management module allows you to create and monitor tasks.

Business systems

Customer System

A customer database is created in the system. Meetings are registered. Work with the customers is analysed.

Billing System

This system provides you with the ability to issue invoices and work acceptance certificates. Generate contracts. Analyse financial income and debts.

Tasks System

The Tasks System allows you to log tasks. Monitor the task status. Analyse the speed of resolving a task.

Reporting System

The Tasks System allows you to log tasks. Monitor the task status. Analyse the speed of resolving a task.

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